Dress Code

The primary goals of Summit Valley School are to improve student learning and performance, to prepare students to be successful in life, and to provide a safe school environment.

Appropriate dress is important to the educational performance and attitude of students.  The appearance of any young person is primarily the responsibility of the individual and his / her parents.  Clothing and apparel worn at school should focus student attention toward the purpose of school and upon doing his / her best.  Students are expected to maintain dress and appearance that shows support for the goals and expectations of Summit Valley School.  Student dress must be modest and not distracting to other students or teachers.  When a student’s appearance is felt to be distracting, disruptive, immodest, unsafe, or detrimental to the teaching / learning process, reasonable and appropriate action will be taken.


School Dress Expectations (Applies to both genders)

Dressing for success is vitally important to Summit Valley School.  We request your assistance in maintaining a positive and productive environment conducive to learning.

Please help keep Summit Valley School a great place to learn.